About Us

About Us

about us

Max-Plus Business Centre Sdn Bhd is one of the established high-quality printing company using the latest technology to ensure our clients receive the best quality in digital color printing, digital imaging, designing as well as off-set printing.

Customer service high-quality printing and state-of-the-art technology are taken very seriously at Max-Plus Business Centre.

We strive to be one of Kuala Lumpur’s leading producers of on-demand business and trade publications, consumer and business-to-business catalogues, inserts, low and high volume business stationary such as letterheads, name-cards, personalized envelopes and any other printing materials that you can imagine.

We’ve worked hard to establish our company as one of the short-listed on-demand printing resource in Kuala Lumpur city center. Our employees work to prepare, print, bind, personalize and distribute your publications, catalogues or insert of every shape and size. Quickly, efficiently and cost effective.

Our strong commitment to quality, service and technology has truly benefited our customers over the years. As our industry evolves, Max-Plus Business Centre will continue to lead the way, providing innovative solutions to meet our clients’ changing needs.